Yrkk Three Phase Wound Rotor Motor

Yrkk Three Phase Wound Rotor Motor

Technical specs


3 phase YRKK slip ring motor for cement mill
voltage:380V 660v 3kv 6kv 10kv

Antique up to date YRKK slip ring electrical motor

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Merchandise: YRKK slip ring electrical motor
YRKK slip ring electric powered motor Function and use:

Y,YR sequence,YKK,YKS,YRKK,YRKS series medium sized higher voltage 3 phases asynchronous motors (shaft height 355-1000mm) are our optimized product collection adopted the technical common of large voltage 3-phases asynchronous motors released from ABB and set up on the foundation of our encounter of manufacturing large voltage motors, for upgrading the previous JS,JSQ,JR and JRQ series.

These sequence motors undertake fantastic materials, excellent workmanship and attributes minimal procedure price, lower noise, minimal vibration, substantial trustworthiness and comfort for set up and servicing.

The motors of these collection meet the Countrywide CZPT GB755 (Elementary CZPT Requirements For Rotation CZPTal Equipment), IEC CZPTs and Organization CZPT of Mechanical and Digital CZPT Department JB/DQ3134, JB/DQ3135, JB/DQ3436 and JB/DQ3437.

The mechanical proportions and tolerances of this sequence of motors conform with the China national normal GB l800-1804 and the ISO regular.

From exhibition to manufacturing we are constantly do our very best

YRKK slip ring electric powered motor Motor Performance

Electricity selection:160kw-6000kw

Body Measurement:355-1000mm

Rated Voltage: 3.3KV six.6KV 10KV 11KV thirteen.8KV

Speed3000rpm 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm

Security Course: IP44 IP54 IP55

Cooling typeIC611 IC616

Ambient Temperature: -15°C~40°C

Altitude: not exceed one thousand Meter

Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Insulation Class: F

Temprature rise: B

Operating Responsibility: S1(Continuous)
Certification To Ensure We are Great In Quality

Ordering Informations

1.Make sure you indicate the motor type,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous speed,Explosion evidence Mark,mounting type,rotation route(view from the shaft extension aspect)Use of the surroundings(indoor or outside the house)If the person havn’t position out the rotation and atmosphere,normailly we believe is CW roration and used indoor.

2.when user have particular requirments,For case in point:Dispose the stator,bearing explosion proof and bearing temperature sensors,space heater,Plateau use,specical frequency,mounting dimensions modify,particular output,the person have to ,order can be affirm soon after signing the complex settlement with engneering office .

three.The catalogue is only fpr reference,and there might be variations.

4.This selection of motor can also be created into Variable-Frequency motors,the assortment of frequency of which is -100HZ,the output and general dimensions need to be validate individually.

In respect to enclosure security degree, the motor of these sequence are of IP23 and IP44 of GB4942.one and IEC34-five (Classification of Enclosure Protection of CZPTal Equipment). Motors of drip-evidence IP23 can be modified to motors of pipe air flow IP44 upon ask for of consumer requests. Other protection degree this sort of as IP24 and IP54 are also feasible by independent settlement if consumer requests .

In respect to type of cooling, the motors of these collection are of IC01 , IC611 and IC81W of China Countrywide CZPT GB1993 and IEC34-6 (Variety of Cooling of CZPTal Equipment). Other type of cooling are also attainable by independent arrangement if customer requests.

In respect to sort of mounting the motors of these series are of IMB3 horizontal with feet, fulfilling the demands of GB997 and IEC34-7 (CZPT and Code for Kind of Mounting of CZPTal Equipment).



No. Squirrel cage motor Y YKK YKS Y2
Slip ring motor YR YRKK YRKS /
1 Framework Box-variety construction, produced up of steel plates welded with every other Compact struction
2 Cooling approach IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
3 Organic air flow, with best mounted security cover With prime mounted air-air cooler With best mounted air-drinking water cooler  
4 Protection variety IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
5 Insulation F
6 Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage CZPT 3kv, three.3kv 6kv, 6.6kv 10kv, 11kv
8 Frequency CZPT 50HZ 60HZ -100HZ

Yrkk Three Phase Wound Rotor Motor