Yct Series Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Speed-Regulation Motor

Yct Series Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Speed-Regulation Motor

YCT series adjustable-velocity induction motor

1.Short introduction:
YCT series adjustable-speed induction motor by electromagnetic clutch is 1 of the derived collection from Y collection three period asynchronous motors, they are composed of driving motors, electromagnetic slip coupling and controller. YCT series motors are usually used beneath a consistent torque load and are notably suited for the use beneath the load with a decreasing torque these kinds of as the centrifugal pump and enthusiast. Main applications of the    YCT collection motors like assembly traces, transfer equipments, plastic injecting devices, printing devices, pumps, enthusiasts, wire calendars, drawing machines etc.

The pace of the YCT collection motors can be altered continually and steplessly in the specified adjustable speed variety with an output of rated torque. When the loading torque is altered during the managing of the motor, the interesting present of the coupling can be controlled instantly by the pace unfavorable feedback method of the controller, so as to keep the velocity cost-free of any variation generally.

two.Features of YCT series adjustable-velocity motor 
one), Vast adjustable pace variety and steady speed adjustment
2), Adjustable velocity CZPT out-of-control zone
3), With pace negative opinions computerized regulation program, little speed variation ratio
four), Large start off torque and smooth start off performance
5), Easy design, reliable and effortless for operation and servicing
six), With modest control energy, multi-way manage. 
7), Offered size:   H112 ~ H355, with 4 poles 
8), Rated output:    0.55KW ~ 90KW (.75HP ~ 120HP)  
nine), Mounting arrangements: B3, B5, B35 

3.CZPT parameters

Variety Rated electricity Rated Torque Speed range
KW N.m R/min
YCT112-4A .fifty five 3.6 1230~a hundred twenty five
YCT112-4B .75 four.nine 1230~one hundred twenty five
YCT132-4A 1.1 seven.one 1230`125
YCT132-4B one.5 9.7 1230~125
YCT160-4A two.two 14.one 1250~a hundred twenty five
YCT160-4B three 19.2 1250~125
YCT180-4A 4 twenty five.2 1250~125
YCT200-4A five.5 36.one 1250~125
YCT200-4B 7.5 47.7 1250~one hundred twenty five
YCT225-4A 11 sixty nine 1250~125
YCT225-4B fifteen ninety four 1250~a hundred twenty five
YCT250-4A eighteen.five 110 1320~132
YCT250-4B 22 137 1320~132
YCT280-4A 30 189 1320~132
YCT315-4A 37 232 1320 ~132
YCT315-4B forty five 282 1320~132
YCT355-4A 55 344 1340~440
YCT355-4B seventy five 469 1340~440
YCT355-4C 90 564 1340~600

4.Working Conditions:

Frame dimensions 112~355
Rated power .fifty five~90kw
Responsibility S1
Insulation Class F
Defense class IP21
Cooling IC411
Altitude No more than 1,000 meters above sea level
Ambient Temperature -15°C-40°C 

five..Packaging:plywood cases

six.Deatiled images

Yct Series Three Phase Electro-Magnetic Speed-Regulation Motor