Y2 2pole 4pole Cast Iron Three Phase Electric Induction Motor

Y2 2pole 4pole Cast Iron Three Phase Electric Induction Motor

Y2 sequence motor is the advancement items from Y series motor. Its functionality have reach to worldwide IEC standards.It has novel construction,beautitul modeling fang,tiny vibration and reduced sound feature. 

Rated Parameters
Foundation Center Peak:63-315mm                                
Electricity Variety: .12-110 kW
Nsulation Course: B or F                                      
Security Class: IP54 (or IP55)
Operate System: S1

Mounting Composition:
B3 Frame CZPT foot protect finish flange
B35 Body with foot include conclude flange
B5 Frame with foot include end flange

CZPT Parameters:

Product Rated Power Complete Load locked-rotor current Rated Current  Ist/Tn locked-rotor Torque  Rated Torque   Tst/Tn Highest Torque  Rated Torque  Tst/Tn
Speed   r/min Current        A Performance  % Effectiveness Factor  CO
Synchronous Pace 3000 r/min (two Poles)
Y2-711-two .37 2740 .ninety nine 70 .eighty one 6.one 2.2 2.2
Y2-712-2 .55 2740 one.4 seventy three .82 6.1 2.2 two.3
Y2-801-2 .75 2830 1.83 75 .83 6.1 two.two two.3
Y2-802-two 1.1 2830 2.58 77 .eighty four seven. two.2 two.3
Y2-90S-two one.5 2840 3.forty three 79 .84 seven. 2.2 2.three
Y2-90L-2 2.two 2840 four.eighty five 81 .eighty five 7. 2.two two.3
Y2-100L-2 three. 2870 six.31 eighty three .87 7.five 2.two two.3
Y2-112M-two four. 2890 8.one 85 .88 seven.5 2.2 two.3
Y2-132S1-two five.five 2900 eleven. 86 .88 seven.five two.two two.3
Y2-1322-2 seven.five 2900 fourteen.9 87 .88 seven.5 2.two two.3
Y2-160M1-two 11 2930 21.3 88 .89 7.5 two.two 2.three
Y2-160M2-2 fifteen 2930 28.eight 89 .89 7.five 2.2 2.three
Y2-160L-2 18.five 2930 34.7 90 .90 7.five 2.2 2.3
Y2-180M-two 22 2940 41. 90 .80 seven.5 2. 2.3
Y2-200L1-two thirty 2950 55.five ninety one.two .90 7.five two. 2.three
Y2-200L2-2 37 2950 sixty seven.nine 92 .90 seven.five two. 2.three
Y2-225M-2 45 2970 82.3 92.3 .ninety seven.five two. two.three
Y2-250M-two 55 2970 one zero one ninety two.5 .ninety 7.5 2. two.3
Y2-280S-2 seventy five 2970 134 93 .90 seven.5 2. two.three
Y2-280M-2 90 2970 one hundred sixty 93.eight .91 seven.five 2. 2.3
Y2-315S-two a hundred and ten 2980 195 ninety four .91 seven.one one.8 2.2

Why Pick Us:
Location: Dayangcheng CZPT Location, Daxi City, HangCZPT, ZHangCZPTg
Trademark: CHIMP
2016 HangCZPT Leading one hundred enterprises rated: TOP67
History: A lot more than twenty five a long time experience of manufacturing pumps and motors
Scale: Protect an area of 70000 square meters (still in the enlargement) and around 350 workers 
Technological innovation: Three groups of professional technological engineers and powerful R& D team 5 groups of independent specialist assembly line
Administration: Scientific ERP management and rigorous good quality management technique
Equipments: Automatic wiring machine, Automatic paint spraying equipment, CNC precision automatic lathe, Electrophoresis line
Innovation: Continuously range goods range to fulfill customers’ demands
Manufacturing capability: 80000 pcs/month
Marketing community: Asia,CZPTpe, Africa and The us
Certificates: CE, CZPT, RoHs
Marketing and advertising designs: The two Exports and domestic income

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Y2 2pole 4pole Cast Iron Three Phase Electric Induction Motor