Rubber Hydraulic Molding Press Rubber Raw Material Machinery

Rubber Hydraulic Molding Press  Rubber Raw Material Machinery

Type : lab vulcanizer , plate vulcanizer , body vulcanizer , rubber tile press , vulcanizer for making rubber tire gasket ,huge vulcanizer , conveyor belt vulcanizer. we can provide main equipment and xuailiary also.
Software : rubber & plastic vulcanizing , rubber tiles generating , rubber gasket generating , conveyor belt and so on .
1.Specific Stress required for each cm (or for every inch) on solution or platen to decide the tonnage of the push
two.Heating Media (Steam or electrical) curing temperature, curing time sequence to decide the strategy of heating, cycle of procedure of the press.
three.Consequently, an specialist suggestions for variety of most acceptable press is utmost essential, which you get free of charge from SANT Engg. that make Sant CZPT Presses the ‘Zero Error’ Presses

1.CZPT Presses are the devices in which rubber compound and other materials are formed as
finished products. As are the equipment, so are the concluded goods. Ranging from 50 to 2500 Tons,
theses Presses are manufactured with operation protection and the best possible device creation in mind.
2.Controls and hydraulic program are perfectly matched to make sure total client gratification
three.The body is fabricated from examined-high quality metal profiles and plates of appropriate thickness to face up to
load throughout operation. Highest frame rigidity is attained through personal computer aided body layout for
for a longer time existence of push. Specific machining of areas and their careful assembly ensures accuracies like
parallelism between platen & mattress and proper angularity among the bed and the shifting platen.
4.The low noise potent hydraulic unit is created as for every most current expectations and assembled with ideal
top quality components. All valves are manifold mounted for straightforward and swift servicing. A stress reduction
valve protects in opposition to overloading of the push. Throughout curing period, the motor stops which reduces
electrical power consumption. These presses supply quickly technique, slow urgent and quick return speeds.
five.The adjust in speed can be manually preset with the help of restrict switches. These presses give more
production because quantities of respiration, respiration length, curing time, temperature of platens and so forth
can be controlled.
CZPT parameter

Product XLB350x350x2 XLB400X400X2 XLB500x500x2 XLB600x600x2/four XLB750x850x2 XLB1000x1000x1/2
Nominal mildew clamping drive(MN) .twenty five .five .8 1. one.6 2.5
CZPT among very hot plate(mm) one hundred twenty five one hundred twenty five 125 125 one hundred twenty five 200
Working lager of sizzling plate 2 two 2 2/4 two two
Device region pressure of scorching plate(Mpa) 2.04 three.13 2.52 2.seventy eight two.51 two.five
Plunger stroke(mm) 250 250 250 250/five hundred 250 400
Heating manner electrical/steam electric/steam electrical/steam electric/steam electrical/steam electrical/steam
Principal motor power(kw) two.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3 five.5
Overall dimensions(mm) 1450x400x1350 1600x400x1440 1450x690x1818 1880x780x1660 2100x1571x1900 2400x960x2500
Mzchine excess weight(kg) 1200 1500 1700 2500/3100 3560/4300 8300
Structural sort publish sort put up sort publish kind post  variety publish/box sort box type

one.A rubber vulcanizing equipment strengthens rubber 
two.It makes rubber heat resistant 
three.It also assures large high quality rubber produ 

plate vulcanizing press
one.1. Four column construction
one.two. Easy operation and repair
one.three. Wear-resisting, corrosion resisting, high hardness and long life
two. Detailed information  
two.1 CZPT pressure tyre curing press is the four column construction
2.2 CZPT pressure tyre curing press contains upper separator, base, Oil cylinder, plunger, activities, platform, hot plate, the combination of pump
two.3 CZPT pressure tyre curing press has the features of easy operation and repair.

 XLB350*350*2  XLB400*400*two  XLB500*500*two  XLB600*600*2/4   XLB750*850*2  XLB1000*a thousand*2
Mould closing force       0.25MN       0.5MN        0.8MN       1.0MN        1.6MN          2.5MN
Hot plate spacing       125mm       125mm        125mm       125mm       125mm          200mm
Hot plate layer          2          2          2           2/four           2             2
Plunger stroke       250mm       250mm       250mm      250/500mm       250mm           400mm
Heating way CZPTity/stream CZPTity/stream CZPTity/stream CZPTity/stream CZPTity/Stream CZPTity/stream
Main motor power       2.2kw         2.2kw         2.2kw         2.2kw          3kw           5.5kw
The thermal power    2.4kw/board    3kw/board          3kw    7.5kw/board      9kw/board    10.8kw/board
Measurement(L*W*H)mm 1450*400*1350 1600*four hundred*1440 1450*690*1818 1880*780*1660 2100*1571*1900 2400*960*2500
Excess weight(kg)         1200         1500          1700    2500/3100     3560/4300            8300

Rubber Hydraulic Molding Press  Rubber Raw Material Machinery