KCB 2cy Electric Gear Oil Pump

KCB 2cy Electric Gear Oil Pump

one. KCB CZPT CZPT Gear Oil Pump Transfer Squander Oil, Olive Oil, Crude Oil, Diesel Oil  is designed for pumping light gas oils this kind of as diesel, kerosene, and biodiesel. It is also attainable to pump vegetable oil, motor oil, and even glycerol.

2. It is helical equipment pump, and created-in by-pass valve. For pumping clear viscous liquids, not containing abrasive or reliable particles.

3. They can run dry for only intermediate quantities of time, permitting for the use of a suction hose for amassing fluids from a tank. They need to not be operate dry for an extended time period of time as oil is essential to lubricate the pump head. 

CZPTly employed in:

  • Petrochemicals: Pure or filled biHangCZPT, pitch, diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil and so on.
  • Chemicals: Sodium silicate, acids, plastics, combined chemicals, isocyanates and so on.
  • Paint and ink.
  • Resins and adhesives.
  • Pulp and paper: acid, cleaning soap, lye, black liquor, kaolin, lime, latex, sludge and many others.
  • Food: Chocolate, cacao butter, fillers, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, molasses, animal food and so on.


Merchandise particulars:

Functioning Basic principle: CZPT Gears
Pump human body content: Forged Iron, SS304, SS316
Gear content: #45 Steel, Copper, SS304, SS316
Temperature range:  Normal ≤ 70 C, Special  ≤ three hundred C
Driver: Motor engine, diesel engine
Power specs: 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V,  50hz/60hz
Max movement price: 9600 L/min
Max discharge force: 1.45MPa
Type of connection: Quick couple, Thread, Flange
Shaft seal type:   Oil seal, Mechanical seal, Graphite seal
Sliding bearing: Excellent aseismic efficiency
CZPTcal Gear: Good meshing overall performance, steady transmisson of gear reduce noise.


Functionality Info:

Design Flow rate Max Pressure  Max Power Inlet&Outlet
(L/m) (Mpa) (kW) (mm)
KCB18.3 eighteen.3 one.45  1.five 20 
KCB33.3 33.three one.45  2.two 20 
KCB55 fifty five  3 25 
KCB83.3 eighty three.three 1  4 40 
KCB133 133 1  5.5  50 
KCB200 two hundred one seven.5 50 
KCB300 three hundred one eleven 80 
KCB483.three 483.three one 11  80 
KCB633 633 .8  22 a hundred
KCB960 960 .6  30 100 
KCB1200 1200 .6  37 150 

Business information:
ZHangCZPTg Yonjou Engineering Co., Ltd is a single of the major companies and exporters in the discipline of sector pumps with producing services in mainland China. We are specialized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so on.


KCB 2cy Electric Gear Oil Pump