Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Fr4 G10 Sheet

Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Fr4 G10 Sheet

Product Info
FR4 is a fireplace rated electrical-quality, dielectric fiberglass laminate epoxy resin system combined with a glass cloth substrate.
The abbreviation “FR4” signifies: F (for flame) and R (for retardant).
FR4 grades materials supply superb chemical resistance, flame rankings (UL94-VO) and electrical qualities beneath dry and humid problems. FR4 also functions high flexural, impact, excellent mechanical toughness and bond toughness at temperatures up to 130°C. 

G10 substance is a composite substance manufactured of glass fabric and epoxy resin. It was developed as an aircraft substance when it was invented, it can withstand wonderful strength. G-ten is not permeable with water and liquid, and it has the characteristics of insulation, anti-acid and alkali, and the weight is light. 
A steady woven glass material laminated with an epoxy resin. This quality is really substantial in mechanical energy, has minimal drinking water absorption and dissipation factors and has excellent electrical traits, which are exhibited over a wide range of temperatures and humidities.

CZPT Info Sheet:

IEC893/EN6 0571  GRADE EPGC202
DIN7735 Hgw2372.one
CZPT Information Test Method Unit Typical Values
Coloration Greenish White/Yellow
Specific Gravity G/Cm3 one.ninety five-two.
Water Absorption E-24/50+D-24/23 % .07-.sixteen
CZPT Strength⊥ C-96/20/sixty five(In90ºC Oil) Kv/Mm ≥14
CZPT Strength// C-.five/ninety(In90ºC Oil) KV forty
Volume Resistivity C-96/20/65 Ω 5×1011-ten13
C-ninety six/20/65 +C-ninety six/40/90 5×10ten-1012
Surface Resistivity C-ninety six/twenty/sixty five Ω 5×10ten-ten12
C-ninety six/twenty/65 +C-ninety six/forty/ninety 5×10ten-teneleven
Dielectric Strength C-ninety six/20/65 Ω.Cm 5×10eleven-tentwelve
C-ninety six/20/65 +D-two/one hundred 5×108-tennine
Dielectric Constant 1MHZ C-ninety six-20-65 4.-five.
C-96/20/65 +D-forty eight/50 four.five-5.five
Dissipation Factor 1MHZ C-ninety six/twenty/sixty five .03-.04
C-96/twenty/65 +D-forty eight/50 .04-.05
Arc Resistance(HV) C-96/20/65 Sec a hundred thirty-a hundred and forty
Mechanical Properties Flexural Strength A Kg/Mmtwo 40-50
Impact Strength// A KJ/Mtwo 33
Rockwell Hardness A M 110
Bond Strength// A N 8000
A Kg/Mm2 29-34
//   19-24
Ul94 Subjects A VO
Heat Resistance    (120min) A ºC 220(Alright)
Temperature Index a hundred and sixty
Smoke Density90″ ASTM-E662 1
Smoke Density4′ three
Toxicant Content Low
Other individuals Acetone Resistance Boiled Min thirty(Okay)
Punch Ability(≤3mm) A ºC Excellent


Nominal   Nominal   Nominal  
thickness(mm) Tolerance thickness(mm) Tolerance thickness(mm) Tolerance
.one ±0.018 1.two ±0.13 10 ±0.seventy two
.fifteen ±0.571 1.5 ±0.thirteen 12 ±0.eighty two
.two ±0.038 1.6 ±0.fifteen 14 ±0.94
.25 ±0.038 two ±0.18 sixteen ±1.02
.3 ±0.050 2.5 ±0.20 twenty ±1.12
.four ±0.050 3 ±0.28 twenty five ±1.30
.5 ±0.064 four ±0.33 thirty ±1.fifty
.six ±0.064 five ±0.37 35 ±1.70
.eight ±0.100 six ±0.45 forty ±1.ninety five
1 ±0.a hundred 8 ±0.fifty two 45 ±2.20
Remarks one: Nominal thickness not listed in the table, the tolerance should be as same as the next greater thickness.
two: More than 90% area of the thickness of tolerance must be within the thickness

The merchandise is extensively employed substantial-stop insulation elements processing, FPC (adaptable printed circuit-board) reinforcement sheet, planetary wheel, transformer insulation baffle, higher voltage swap, electrical motor carbon brush holder, precision take a look at fixture, carbon film printing, digital insulation components,gasket,washer, different water sporting activities gear and blade-tool deal with materials.


1.Dimension:CZPT:36”×48”, 40”×40”, 40”×48”,48”×80”,48”×96”,48”× 120”.Or CZPT.

Company Information
Our organization was founded in 2012,situated in HangCZPT city of China,and we focus in creating FR-four laminate, G10 laminate,fiberglass plate/board/fabric/fabric/sheet,carbon fiber plate/board/cloth/material/sheet,fiberglass processing products,carbon fiber processing products.We can create and produce various insulation merchandise in accordance to customers’ requirement.

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 A:Indeed,We are factory.
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Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Fr4 G10 Sheet