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Solution Description

Solution Description
1. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Places where basic safety glass is required to be used by rules and regulations.
2. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Windows or other areas in a constructing.
3. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Glass balustrade and escalator side panels.
four. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Windows of motor cars, boats, and ships.
five. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Glass desk tops and demonstrate cabinets, Interior decorations, and furniture, Spots exposed to the thermal effect
six. Havi Glass Tempered Glass – Recommended for the doorway, aspect and lower lites, frameless entries, balustrades, shower, bath monitor panels, and furniture 

Design: Tempered Glass
Certification: CE,ISO9001,ISO1400
Use location: Kitchen area, rest room,home-electrical, appliance and so on
Perform: shelf, blade, front plate in kitchen area and rest room
Dimension: 428mm*140mm*8mm
Packing size: 1100mm*500mm*730mm
thickness: From 160mm*100mm*3mm To 1200mm*1500mm*19mm(as your inquiry)
shipping and delivery time : Orders 30 times right after delivery
Payment: T/T,thirty% deposit,70% balance towards duplicate of the bill of lading

Glass edge

Packing and delivery

Many thanks to expert and knowledgeable working stuff, all packing and loading are assured to be sturdy and seaworthy to reduce the breakage fee to as reduced as achievable. Picket crate, carton box, plastic movie, custom-made, all packing can be fulfilled at Havi Glass.

Company Profile

Havi Glass is a extremely skilled glass and mirror provider from China. Owing to twelve years’ exporting expertise, Havi Glass has turn into China Major glass, and mirror provider with Strong Technological Assist, Wealthy Knowledge, Enormous Productiveness and Rigorous High quality Control. Havi has been exporting glass and mirror to all above the entire world like Europe, American, Latin The us, Africa, and South Asia.
OUR Merchandise
Havi Glass usually focuses on the glass and mirror quality. Rigorous QC makes it possible for no defects mirror to be shipped. Normal Size, Customize dimension, cut or grind edge, spherical or sq. condition, Clear or Emblem mark, all demands are offered in Havi Glass.
OUR Shipment
Havi’s delivery section has been doing a excellent task. We do much more CFR than FOB. Competitive CZPT freight and well-organized procedure help save you equally cash and power.
OUR Support
Havi’s sales group is usually providing superb provider to our clients. Each and every detail will obtain Havi’s entire focus. Each and every personalized prerequisite will acquire Havi’s utmost initiatives. Each confusion and trouble will receive Havi’s corresponding remedy.
OUR Purpose
With all the items and provider, Havi Glass is committed to producing all your enterprise and acquiring a lot more smooth and easy. The final purpose of Havi Glass is to supply most suited and favorable solutions for all our customers.




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China wholesaler 3mm 5mm Copper Free Greenhouse Tempered Glass     near me shop