China supplier Automated Light Deprivation System Tunnel Greenhouses with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Product Description

Gentle Deprivation Greenhouse
Mild deprivation greenhouses are developed to advertise whole darkness at some moments, even though allowing some gentle at other moments can fulfill the grower or greenhouse operator. This progress surroundings enables fast development from planting to flowering, ensures crop generate and top quality, and provides increased and more secure returns to growers. It can be employed in the cultivation of a variety of plants, fruits, medications.





Wind Load


Snow Load


Dead Load

15 kg/ m2

Hanging Load

15kg/ m2

Control system

Automatic control system for light dep system, cooling fan&pad, top ventilation, temperature, humidity, light control system

220v, 230v, 380v,

Option Items

Facet/Top ventilation, Lighting system

Cooling/Heating system/Dehumidifier

Drip/Micro irrigation system

The shading program is composed of an opaque movie and a sunshade net, which is pulled and retracted by a motor. The shading program can be totally modified and cared for, so that the sunlight in the greenhouse reaches the ideal development stage of crops in the greenhouse, so as to improve crop generate and quality.
Mild deprivation greenhouse employs aspect ventilation and prime ventilation in 2 types, a very good ventilation method can repeatedly dietary supplement the carbon dioxide needed by crops, market plant development, but also can change the temperature, provide a very good residing atmosphere for crops.
Cooling program employs the basic principle of air circulation and water evaporation, put in in the greenhouse fan and drinking water pad to perform a role in cooling. The CZPT technique can effectively adjust the temperature in the greenhouse, so that the temperature in the greenhouse can be managed in a affordable range, which is conducive to the expansion of greenhouse vegetation.And the enthusiast is geared up with a gentle Deprivation Hood, which can even more reduce the incoming gentle.

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1.Are you trading organization or manufacturing unit?
We are skilled greenhouse and connected machines company. We can supply alltypes of greenhouse merchandise with CZPT personalized support.

2.What are your major goods?
Intelligent management technique for greenhouse/warm wintertime photo voltaic greenhouse /film/glass greenhouse with many possibilities (such as CZPT technique/shadingsystem/hydroponics greenhouse…)

three.What is actually your positive aspects?
Professional: A lot of many years knowledge inproducing resources/machines and giving technical tasks services on agriculture greenhouses.
Good quality assurance: Rigid top quality controlsy stemto supply quality assurance.
On-time supply:Full logistic system can offer you you on-supply and protected service.

four.Can I get samples?
Some elements on hand can be despatched to you for free.Transportation price will be essential.

five.Can I get drawing images in accordance to my request?
Please allow me know your ideas.Our layout group can make out ideal drawing photos for you reference.



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China supplier Automated Light Deprivation System Tunnel Greenhouses     with Free Design Custom