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Merchandise Description

Use Of Movie Blowing Equipment:
Our PE film blowing device is used for blowing the various plastic movie of low density polyethylene &lparLDPE), large density polythylene &lparHDPE) and linear minimal density polyethylene &lparLLDPE) and so forth, which are broadly utilised for packing industrial makes, textile. clothes and foods and farmland.
Attributes Of Film Blowing Equipment:
1. The cylinders and the screw stems of the previously mentioned extruders are manufactured of higher-quality alloy metal with optimum hardness and robust corrosion resistance following precision finishing and nitrogen treatment method of the movie blowing device.
two. The auxiliary device has a system doing work desk for producing procedure simple of our movie blowing device.
3. The coiling device adopts torque motor to keep appropriate stress and make rolling even and roll-shifting effortless of this film blowing device.
Principal Technical Parameter Of Film Blowing Equipment:

Model  SJ-fifty SJ-fifty five SJ-60  SJ-65 
Screw Diameter     Φ50mm   Φ55mm   Φ60mm   Φ65mm
Screw Ratio  L&Marketed 28:one   L&Sold 28:one   L&Bought 28:1   L&Sold 28:1
Screw Speed   10-100r&solmin   10-100r&solmin   10-100r&solmin   10-100r&solmin
Folding Width Of Film  100-600mm 200-800mm  three hundred-1000mm  four hundred-1200mm 
Solitary-sided Thickness Of Film  0.01-.10mm   0.01-.10mm   0.01-.10mm   0.01-.10mm
Max. Extrude Output  35kg&solh 50kg&solh  65kg&solh  80kg&solh 
Electrical power Of Principal Motor  7.5kw 11kw   15kw 18.5kw 
Energy Of Traction Motor  1.1kw 1.1kw  one.5kw  1.5kw 
Heating Power  11kw  13kw 19kw  21kw 
Overall Proportions &lparL&astW&astH)  4800×1900×3500mm 5500×2100×3800mm  6500×2300×4200mm  6500×2500×6000mm
Excess weight  1.5T 2T  2.3T  two.6T 
 Suitable Raw Content  PE   PE   PE  PE

 Design and requirements are topic to adjust CZPT recognize.

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China Standard Multilayer Co-Extrusion Agriculture Greenhouse Film Blowing Machine     near me shop