China Standard Greenhouse High Manual Roof Roll up Unit High Strength Film Roll up Winch Crank near me shop

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Greenhouse Electrical  Roll Up Device for Air flow

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Manual Roll Up Unit can roll up a duration of 120-a hundred and fifty meter, working stably with fantastic out side looking and extended time of use. The inside of travel gears are produced of higher high quality metal with good workmanship, and what is far more, there is lubricating bearing assembled on the out set and enter shaft. At the meantime, there is also a team of reverse equipment included to it. All these make the device to be mild and successfully solved the issue of large sidewall ventilation for plastic greenhouse

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Output toque






210*one hundred ten*150mm

210*a hundred and ten*150mm

220*a hundred and eighty*150mm


Ner Weight 






  • Effortless to set up and run
  • Reliable functionality of bidirectional self-locking
  • Add the changeover gear in the transmission system with far more stead overall performance
  • Large velocity ratio and output torque Light-weight excess weight
  • Broadly utilised in greenhouse and poultry home and can manually operate small area of shading
  • 3 a long time good quality ensure


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China Standard Greenhouse High Manual Roof Roll up Unit High Strength Film Roll up Winch Crank     near me shop