China Standard CZPT 220V 380V CE Certified Multi Split DC CZPT Mini Vrf Vrv System Air Conditioner for Hotel near me factory

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Midea Mini VRF can help users far absent from sound and offer a cozy residence environment.
Midea VRF methods function a compact footprint which calls for less outdoor place, and with
extended piping duration, the program makes it possible for greatest adaptability in set up. There are also a
assortment of indoor device variations accessible relying on the preference of the house owner or the
installation demands. Besides, some ranges have been licensed by EUROVENT, which
gives a widespread platform enabling entire transparency in comparing item efficiencies and
other main specs.

Power provide 220-240/1/50V/Ph/Hz
Cooling Capacity  one.5KW-15.5KW
EER 3.9-3.43kW/kW
Compressors Kind DC inverter
Fan motors  Variety DC 
Refrigerant  Type   R410A
 Aiflrow rate     5500-6000 m3/h
Ambient temp  Cooling -15 to 43ºC

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1.Extended Piping Functionality

2.More Practical Piping Connector – Department Box

3.Four-Way Piping Link

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China Standard CZPT 220V 380V CE Certified Multi Split DC CZPT Mini Vrf Vrv System Air Conditioner for Hotel     near me factory