China Standard Anon 6.5HP 4 Stroke Gasoline Power Self Propelled Walking Type Grass Cutter with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Anon 6.5HP 4 Stroke Gasoline Energy Self Propelled Walking Type Grass Cutter

Principal Characteristics

six.5HP gasoline energy self propelled going for walks sort sickle bar mowers grass cutter equipment largely utilized for higher hill,paddy area,vegetabale farm,green home and orchard .

It is walking type grass cutter which attached with 6.5 Horsepower gasoline engine. 

According to different cutting width, there are three models for your reference: AN-80, AN-ninety, and AN-one hundred twenty.

This merchandise is appropriate for rotary farming of dry lands, paddy fields, vegetable fields, greenhouses and orchards in mountainous and hilly places.

Specification of gasoline grass mower mini grass cutter equipment cost in philippines


AN-eighty, AN90, AN120

Overall size

1500*900*800mm,1500*one thousand*800mm,1500*1200*800mm


55kg, 58kg, 60kg

Suitable height                


 Working Width  

800mm, 900mm, 1200mm

Matching power

Hand-pulled starting /4.8 kw/ four-stroke, gasoline engine

Working speed





ninety# petrol 


Rigidity- belt type

20’GP load QTY


40’GP load QTY


Element Pictures

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China Standard Anon 6.5HP 4 Stroke Gasoline Energy Self Propelled Strolling Kind Grass Cutter     with Free Design and style Custom made