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Product Description


PE pipes, PE geomembranes and movies, greenhouse sheets, PP bags, LDPE sheets, PE packagings recycling machine is mostly used for PA, PP, PS, PE, EPE, EPS,PET,UPS,Stomach muscles Film etc.

This device is custom-made for our Indian who create LLDPE LDPE movie Shopper.
1. Two monitor changer, every single display changer with 2 spherical, and CZPT region virtually attain 1200mm2, So 2 display chagner complete practically 2400mm2 CZPT area. And the monitor changer with strain alarm, when the force get to the set benefit, it will CZPT and employee appear to chang the display.
2. All motor, CZPT ,PLC screen touch is Simens.
3. The compactor with drinking water-cooling include to coolimg the compactor more.

Two stage equipment with 2 display screen changer, so that it can fliter significantly more impurity. In the meantime the device with 1 vacuum degassing and 1 natural degassing, then the last pellets will be far more beautiful. The equipment is with substantial functionality and large effectiveness.

The film material is send to compactor by belt conveyer. There is rotary cutters are installed on the cutter plate.And there is also stable cutter are installed on the side of compactory. By the high speed of rotary cutter, the film will be crushed into small pieces. Meanwhile the by the friction of rotary and cutter, cushed material will be get together by its hot to increase its density. And also the wet water will be vaporated. Together film will be send into the extruder by centrifugal force.This will increase the potential of movie content.

The positive aspects of this device
one. Highly efficent: the equipment is automated and with much less electrical power usage.
2. Particular screw design and style: We will design the screw up to buyer distinct substance and the materials of screw and barrel can be 38CrMoAL or bimetallic.
3. Substantial potential: the capability of the machine is about 200kg/h
4. Material arrive out much more stably: materials go by way of from the initial phase to the second phase, with 2 display changer, a lot more impurity will be filterd and the content appear out from the die will not damaged down.
5. Beautiful pellets: 2 degassing technique, no air in the pellets.
6. The device wih long daily life.

Gain of our compactor
1. Counter current technologies
      Hight method balance thorugh enhanced material consumption guarantees consistently higher output more than a noticeably broader temperature rang
       Increased adaptability and operational reliability with a variety of components
       Increased throughputs with the identical plant size for more efficiency
2. Sensible Start
       Remarkably simple work many thanks to reasonable, clearly structured and simplified handing and ultramodern ergonomiic touchscreen disply.
       Fewer buttons, more consumer-friendliness-many thanks to large degree of automat on such as substantial manage offers.
       The appropriate recipe for every application-saved processing paramerter can be loaded easily and conveniently from the recipe management system at the drive of a button
three. Help save
        Decrease distinct energy requirements thanks to a full bundle that includes style and process engineering steps which includes the new direct drive for the extruder screw
        Lower production expenses through optimised control technological innovation and large-quality, energy-successful parts such as higher-efficiency motors
        Additionally, the parctical strength dispaly on your functioning panel provides you a constant overvies of eenergy use at all instances, as a result enabling you to get particular measures to optimise intake

one. High precision equipment box, substantial carrying capability, continual driving, low noises.

2. Freshly made barrel and screw make sure greater soften uniformity, minimal soften temperature and significantly larger generation.
3. For most purposes, regular nitrided metal is employed for barrels and screws with higher corrosion-resistant. the unusual content can be processed by picking 2 species of metals.
4. The PID meter keeps the temperature regular and accurate.
5. hydraulic strain screen changer, altering screen is easy and completed within a few minutes.

ML160-one hundred eighty 2 phase Equipment element parameter 

Merchandise NO. Product name Amount Electricity
1 Belt conveyor 1set 2.2kW
2 Φ160/36 single screw extruder one established 250kW
3 Compactor one set 160kW
four Automobile Hydraulic display screen changer technique one set five.5kW
5 Φ180/ten one screw extruder 1 set 110kW
six Automobile Hydraulic display screen changer system 1 set 5.5kW
seven Drinking water-ring die experience reducing technique 1 established 2.2kW
eight Chute 1 established
9 Centrifugal dryer 1set 7.5kW
10 Vibration 1set two*.55kW
eleven Wind transmission technique one set 7.5kW
twelve Storage Silo 1 set
thirteen Electrical management box 1 set

Equipment line

Machine line
Much more equipment photoes

Belt conveyer ship the raw plastic film into the compactor(there is metal detector on the belt conveyer, when the metal in the content, it will alarm, and the employee toss absent the steel and restart the belt)
Compactor/cutter, withh counter present, sensible begin,more material can be send out into the extruder, so the equipment can improve the capacity of the device.
From the very first phase to the next phase, 2 phase machine with double extruder and double display screen changer, and degassing, the substance arrive out from the die will be a lot stable, and the ability will be secure with Display screen changer CZPT filter
Two bar monitor changer with 1200 square mm CZPT spot.
Horizontal Drinking water-ring pelletizing way, the speed can be controlled and the pellets’ measurement can be up to various requirement,Materials occur out from the die when we check the device, we also can do Vertical water-ring pelletizing way, Every single pelletizing way has its personal advantage and drawback.

Centrifugal dryer and wind transmission technique, substance can be dry and send into the silo, there is display screen internet on the centrifugal dryer, can CZPT some powder and dust.

Equipment under making

Clinet appear to take a look at the device

Material come out from the very first stage to the second stage

Ceramic heater to preserve the device warmth and conserve the electric

Pameter of such kinds of machine


Model Screw diameter(mm) L/D Capacity (kg/h)
ML-a hundred/a hundred
SJ-a hundred 100 26~33 250~300
SJ-one hundred 100 10
ML-120/one hundred twenty SJ-a hundred and twenty a hundred and twenty 26~33 300~400
SJ-a hundred and twenty a hundred and twenty 10
ML-150/a hundred and fifty SJ-150 one hundred fifty 26~33 500~600
SJ-a hundred and fifty 150 10
ML-a hundred and eighty/one hundred eighty SJ-a hundred and eighty a hundred and eighty 26~33 800~a thousand
SJ-one hundred eighty one hundred eighty


If you need particulars kindly feel totally free to deal, we can deliver you more photoes and vedio of the equipment

one. We source underneath necessary documents with the equipment:

  1. Equipment layout
  2. Electric power diagram
  3. Machine certificate
  4. Standard guide e-book/maintenance e-book

2. We supplies a single-calendar year high quality assure. During this interval, if the machine’s malfunction is authorized to be our duty, we will ship the damaged spare elements to you with DHL courier or other way inside 7 workdays right after acquiring the complainant. And send the specialists to the buyer’s factory for keeping. All costs are in our account.

3. Right after 1 year assure, If you require we can provides payable spare elements and technician’s Visiting upkeep, and any damaged spares we can send out you quickly as attainable.

4. We trust that our quotation satisfies with your specifications and we will gladly furnish you with additional information.

5. 24Hours services :  Cell-139157 0571 8

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China Professional PE Pipes, PE Geomembranes and Films, Greenhouse Sheets, PP Bags, LDPE Sheets, PE Packagings Recycling Machine     near me shop