China Professional Manual Curtain Roll up Unit for Greenhouse with high quality

Item Description

Handbook movie roll up device for greenhouse

Merchandise Description

The shell is made of solid aluminum, adopting precision die casting procedure, with built-in self-locking unit, which can be switched at any place. It is made of stainless metal, galvanized inside and sprayed with plastic outside the house, with double rust avoidance, affordable layout of reduction ratio and torque, more efficient and handy.

Merchandise Name
Handbook movie roll up device for greenhouse
Rolling Length Excess weight Bundle
Design D <70M 1.65KG 10units/carton
Product C <100M 1.7KG 10units/carton
Design B <120M 1.6KG 10units/carton
Model A <150M one.9KG 10units/carton
Super Product <300M 2.7KG 10units/carton

In depth Photographs

Model D of Manual movie roll up unit for greenhouse :
This variety is 1 of my regular productions.It is durable and affordable.

Design C of Handbook movie roll up device for greenhouse :
This type is exact same design D except the thickness of shell.Price is a small higher.But it has lengthy support lifestyle.

Model B of Guide film roll up unit for greenhouse:
This solution is our distinctive product with patent. It truly is stronger, a lot more durable, and can roll 120 meters of film. You can even roll insulation felt.

Product A of 
Guide movie roll up unit for greenhouse :
This  variety is far more more powerful than model B,all shell and other areas use steel,it wil be not damaged when the movie is way too heavy.

Super Handbook film roll up unit for greenhouse:
This product can roll three hundred meters of film, 70 meters of thermal insulation felt and fifty meters of quilt.

Company Profile

HangZhou CZPT Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. is a firm serving the greenhouse business. We build, make and market supporting greenhouse equipment and components for greenhouse company. We are a real manufacturing-oriented manufacturer.

Our principal goods are: manual film winder, electric powered movie winder, reduction motor, greenhouse quilt, gear rack, card slot and all greenhouse accessories. We also have wise gadgets and accessories that can handle the temperature of the greenhouse by cell telephones.All our goods are made and bought by ourselves. The item high quality is much better than the same industry. The cost advantage is massive.

Our firm was started in 2011, engaged in the greenhouse market for more than 10 years, we are the biggest maker in the north of China. We have cooperated with a lot of domestic and international companies.

We commence to check out the global marketplace and hope to build long-term business connection with you. We promise to serve you with the very best quality and the greatest cost.

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China Professional Manual Curtain Roll up Unit for Greenhouse     with high quality