China Professional CZPT Vrf Indoor Units Four-Way Cassette 1-Phase 220-240V 50/60Hz 19100BTU 5.6kw Complete Air Conditioner near me manufacturer

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Midea VRF indoor units four-way cassette MI2-56Q4DHN1 1-section 220-240V fifty/60Hz 19100Btu 5.6kw complete air conditioner 4 way cassette

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For Four-way Cassette& 4-way Cassette Silent Variety: By incorporating digital tube on the screen
board, Error Codes can be displayed right for troubleshooting. For 4-way Cassette Silent
Kind: The recently designed enthusiast blade, air deflector and the developed-in throttling portion reduce noise
drastically. Drain pump can pump condenser h2o up to 750mm large, which simplifies installation
of the drain piping program.

Air Circulation Rate 542-1800m³/h
Cooling Capability two.8-14.0KW
Power Enter forty-170W
Heating Capability three.2-sixteen.0KW
Power Offer 220–240V/1Ph/fifty/60Hz
Brand  Midea

Solution Positive aspects

1. Sub Duct

Sub duct permits you to use the identical air conditioner device to cool an extra smaller sized area
close by.

2.Refreshing Air Consumption

Fresh air can enter via the cassette device so you can take pleasure in even fresher air in a place.

three.Easy Troubleshooting

By including digital tube on the display board, Mistake Codes can be exhibited immediately for

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China Professional CZPT Vrf Indoor Units Four-Way Cassette 1-Period 220-240V 50/60Hz 19100BTU 5.6kw Comprehensive Air Conditioner     near me producer