China manufacturer Green House Gas to Power Electricity CZPT 150kw Fueled by Biogas with Great quality

Item Description

1. Primary framework of the biogas CZPT set

Biogas CZPT sets consist of biogas-fueled reciprocating inside combustion engines, alternators, electrical areas, management devices, CZPT systems, lubrication techniques, exhaust systems, gas methods, and auxiliary products. Except for the exhaust pipe and silencer of the exhaust system, they are mounted on a steel chassis. The CZPT set is a fixed long lasting set up CZPT established. The metal underframe is mounted to the concrete foundation.

2. Principal composition of the biogas engine

T10 CZPT biogas engine is the countrywide 863 program project creation. It is a domestic foremost stage organic gas engines with new generation of electricity, rare discipline combustion and 4 valves. Primarily based on STEYR engineering the engine is made and designed by SINOTRUK with the EControls business and has comprehensive intellectual home legal rights. It has the attributes of reduced gas use, low exhaust temperature, very good trustworthiness and low upkeep value.

3. Technical qualities of fuel engine

Inherit high toughness double-wall enhanced broad body, frame crankcase composition of STEYR engine, considerably improve the trustworthiness and longevity of the engine. Four valve framework design and style efficiently enhance the charging efficiency. The spark plug properly increase the flame propagation speed, and EControls new era of CFV ensures steady and precise fuel offer, lean combustion manner can make the combustion more sufficient.

4. Alternator

The brushless constant-voltage synchronous alternators are of the self-excited variety with an digital voltage regulator built-in in the excitation program. They are used as main or standby units in land based electrical power installations and for ships’ electrical programs and can be driven by interior combustion engines or gasoline, steam and water turbines and electric powered motors.

The alternator contains the principal equipment exciter and excitation program. The principal device is of revolving CZPT subject with cylindrical rotor and damper winding. The exciter is revolving armature equipment. The exciter power is provided to the rotor of the major machine via CZPT rectifiers.

5. Genset management panel

The handle panel adopted Harsen controller and can detect the present, voltage, velocity, frequency, power, engine CZPT h2o temperature, motor oil pressure, exhaust temperature, number of begins, working time, and so forth. of the device. The monitor also developed a variety of essential protections for the CZPT set to ensure secure and secure procedure of the unit. The major protections consist of large h2o temperature, minimal oil strain, overspeed, high temperature, more than voltage, beneath voltage and lower frequency. The handle panel offers DC electrical power swap, crisis cease button, and unit fault CZPT indicator.

The automatic CZPT established adopts automated handle method, which can understand self-commencing, self-regulating, self-adjusting frequency, computerized load-carrying, automatic fault alarm, automatic handle, etc., to attain electronic administration, the CZPT is often prepared to start, the primary energy supply is minimize off or When the fault occurs, the standby device starts off immediately and is place into the load operation at 15S. The unit is interlocked with the external electricity. The automated switching in between the mains and the standby device is realized by means of the ATS of the Celebration A. When the utility power is restored, the standby device exits and enters the shutdown procedure. When the startup is unsuccessful for 3 consecutive instances, it can issue a startup failure alarm, and automatically quit when the unit fails, and provide CZPT sign details.

six. Parameter table

CM130R10B biogas CZPT set
Genset model CM130R10B
Motor product Sinotruk T10
Alternator product Henjo or equivalent
Controller DEIF
Max electrical power 150kw
Ongoing output 130kw
Rated voltage 400V
Electrical power aspect .8 (lagging)
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated pace 1500rpm
Continual condition voltage regulation fee ≤±2.5%
Stabilization time ≤1.5s
Transient state voltage regulation charge ≤ ±20%
Fluctuation fee ≤±0.5%
Continual state frequency regulation charge ≤0-5% (adjustable)
Stabilization time ≤5s
Transient condition frequency regulation fee ≤±10%
Fluctuation price ≤±0.5%
Commencing strategy 24V DC commence
Voltage regulating method AVR (Automated voltage regulation)
Pace governing technique Electronic governor
Ignition system Digital ignition system
Cooling mehtod Pressured drinking water CZPT with multi-enthusiasts radiator
Coupling method Flexible coupling
Reference dimension  2800x1200x1505mm 
Reference weight 2000kg 
Parameters of biogas engine
Model Sinotruk T10
Engine kind 4 strokes, spark plug ignited, water cooled, turbocharged and inter-cooled
Cylinder arrangement six in line
Bore 126mm
Stroke  130mm
Displacement 9.726L
Rated pace 1500rpm
Compression ratio eleven:1
Design combustion variety Lean combustion
Air to gasoline fuel ratio <1.5
Flywheel enamel variety 136
Bare minimum temp of engine coolant 71ºC
Optimum temp of engine coolant 86ºC
Maximum exhaust back again strain 83 mbar
Gas fuel to oil ratio ≤0.18
Oil ability 24L
Temp of exhaust gasoline <580ºC
Cooling approach Forced h2o cooling, multi-fans radiator
Lubricating technique Force and splashing lubricating
Ignition method Spark plug ignition
Starting technique 24V DC start off
Rotating course Counterclockwise (flywheel view)
Output approach Flywheel output
Parameter of alternator
Model Henjo 
Rated ability 187.5kva
Rated voltage 400V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Electrical power aspect .8 (lagging)
Rated velocity 1500rpm
Defense course IP23
Insulation course H
Phases and relationship three phases and 4 wires
Thrilling strategy Brushless
Voltage regulating technique AVR automation

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China manufacturer Green House Gas to Power Electricity CZPT 150kw Fueled by Biogas     with Great quality