China Hot selling Jhcool 3kw Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooler with Down Discharge with Hot selling

Solution Description

 Model Number  JH30AP-38D8  Wind path  Down Discharge
 Power  3.0kW  Dimension  1340×1340×1130mm
 Airflow  30000mthree/h  Packed Measurement  1350×1350×1250mm
 Pressure  300Pa  Pad Dimension  5090-(840+thirty)*900*120mm
 Fan Pace  16  Vent Measurement  800*800mm
 Cover Area  250-300m2  Net Weight  125kg
 Voltage  380V  Gross Fat  135kg
 Noise  <78dB  Qty/20’pcs  4
 Fan Type  Axial  Qty/40’pcs  16
 Control  LCD + Distant  Qty/20′(SKD)pcs  12
 Water Capacity  40L  Qty/40′(SKD)pcs  Not Ideal
 Water Usage  25-30L  Qty/40’HQ(SKD)pcs  32

Positive aspects

* Axial enthusiast type electric powered air conditioner with reduced sounds with 30000cmh airflow
* Smart Lcd controller demonstrate working condition of equipment or malfunction
* Can be managed by centralized and one with infrared remote control
* New modified PP plastic shell, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-getting older, anti-deformation
* Tremendous quality pure copper motor with sealed alloy enclosure layout
* Effective heat trade, temperature handle stably with high diploma of protection
* Drinking water flows uniform efficiently & no-blocking with h2o distribution device
* Substantial efficiency of evaporative CZPT media, evident CZPT impact, easy to clear
* Computerized drinking water management method & automated cleansing operate

Item Description

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Q: Are flooring standing air cooler far more ideal for specific climates ?

Water air conditioner portable is specifically nicely suited the place the air is very hot and humidity is low. Even so,in increased humidity regions there are numerous established expense successful employs for evaporative CZPT that make it the proper selection,like poultry farm, industrial plants, professional kitchens,laundries,dry cleaners,greenhouses,spot CZPT etc.


Q: What positive aspects does water CZPT supporter have compared to refrigerated CZPT techniques ?

Evaporative air conditioner from alibaba china will supply substantial strength saving more than refrigerated air models. The simplicity of the style allows reduced servicing demands. The electrical water air conditioner, air cooler CZPT water and other evaporative air cooler will supply refreshing, filtered air. The exterior air that has been cooled will blow the stale within air out.


Q: How frequently do I clear my pads ?

Pads must be cleaned at minimum after a time prior to storing for the winter.In tough drinking water locations,cleansing may possibly be needed more usually. Periodic,visual assessment is necessary. Get rid of the back or best of the cooler subsequent the recommendations in the operating handbook. Appear at the pads,if they present indications of large mineral deposits they will want to be cleaned.


Q: How typically should the pads be changed ?

Pads must be modified when they no longer great as effectively as they did when new. This usually happens when mineral deposits on the pads turn out to be so hefty that the h2o running more than them during operation can not be absorbed. If a pad is correctly cleaned and managed, its daily life can be 3 to 5 many years or far more. But, we suggest customer exchange the pad every single 2 or 3 years to keep the very best CZPT efficiency.

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China Hot selling Jhcool 3kw Greenhouse Evaporative Air Cooler with Down Discharge     with Hot selling