China Hot selling Automatic Self Cleaning Hydraulic CZPT for Greenhouse with high quality

Product Description

Item composition

 1. Automatic drain valve
 2. Electric powered motor
 3. Strain indicator
 4. Water outlet
 5. Drinking water inlet
 6. Display
 7. Suction nozzle

Product principle
The water flows by means of the screen and the particles are retained on the inside of the display of the CZPT aspect. The filtered water then flows out via the outlet.

Self-cleansing method can be commenced by pressing, timing or guide 3 ways, following the basic principle of force distinction.

When the inner and exterior stress big difference reaches the established price,  the self-cleaning manner starts.Drain pipe hydraulic valve open, sucking the scanner to create adverse stress suction nozzle inside, absorbing impurities, at the same time sucking scanner in underneath hydraulic motor alongside the inside floor mesh do reciprocating screw, motion, no cleansing blind location, impurities by the discharge outlet.

The cleansing time of self-cleaning CZPT is established by the controller in progress, the drain valve is shut after cleaning, and small water loss in cleansing procedure.

Technical parameters
≥   Single maximum CZPT flow up to 1200m3 / h
≥   Filter CZPT drilling (4000-800μm), wedge (a thousand-50μm) woven CZPT (800-20μm)
≥   minimum working strain ≥ .1Mpa (sewage valve for the electrical ball valve)
   ≥0.18Mpa (discharge valve for the electromagnetic diaphragm valve)
≥   Maximum functioning presure ≤ 1.6MPa (particular customizable)
≥   Operating temperature ≤ 65 ºC
≥ Power: 380V / 50Hz
≥ Cleansing method: suction kind
≥  Cleaning time: 10-200 seconds adjustable
≥   Control: pressure, time, handbook and PLC

Filter substance
Shell:   carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Screen: 304 stainless metal, 316L stainless steel
Drain valve, cast iron,copper,stainless steel,PVC,nylon
Controller: PVC, aluminum
Seal ring: EPDM rubber
Suction: stainless steel, PVC
Decline of pressure table

DLX-FW sequence self-cleaning CZPT specification desk

Model Water in/outlet
L    (mm) L1
Max flow
Excess weight
DLX-FW-eighty eighty 450 1775 2475 493 .25 fifty 180
DLX-FW-a hundred 100 450 1775 2475 493 .twenty five 80 198
DLX-FW-150 one hundred fifty 900 2175 3175 545 .twenty five 150 328
DLX-FW-200 200 900 2175 3175 617 .25 320 375
DLX-FW-250 250 1100 3110 4910 720 .25 450 470
DLX-FW-three hundred three hundred 1100 3110 4910 810 .fifty five 600 519
DLX-FW-350 350 1100 3110 4910 810 .55 850 660
DLX-FW-400 400 1100 3110 4910 910 .55 1200 708


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China Hot selling Automatic Self Cleaning Hydraulic CZPT for Greenhouse     with high quality