China high quality Multi Span Po/PE Film Warmhouse/Glasshouse/Greenhouse for Uzbekistan Agriculture/Commercial/Sightseeing/Pepper/Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Cherry/Tomato/Growing near me factory

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Multi Span Po/ PE Movie Warmhouse/Glasshouse/Greenhouse for Uzbekistan/Agriculture/Commercial/Sightseeing/Pepper/Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Cherry Tomato Growing


Item Description


Manufactoy Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Greenhouse 
Span 6m/8m
Gutter peak 4m/6m
Covering  PO/PE movie(.15mm)
Wind load .45KN/Sqm
Snow load .40KN/Sqm


Greenhouse Systems


one.air flow methods:

The air flow programs in our business consist of Roof Ventilation Systems and Side Ventilation Techniques according to the difference of the set up placement.

Primary Equipment: plastic-movie reeling motor (or guide equipment), plastic-film shaft,press movie card, press movie belt, and so forth

2.Shading Technique:

The Shading method can maintain out redundant sunshine, regulate the warmth or reduce the value for the functions.

Outside Shading Technique is set above the frame of greenhouse, supported by the uprights and beams.
The inside shading method is mounted in the greenhouse, fastened to the truss, and linked to the greenhouse frame

three.Cooling System:

The CZPT program consists of supporter and CZPT pad

The air enters the greenhouse by way of the CZPT pads, ensuing in the results of cooling, moistening and air-dedusting.

4.Heating program:

Heating Program of Greenhouse refers to a set of suitable heating facilities picked to satisfy the heating needs, consisting of heating supply, warmth-radiating services, warmth-transmitting services.

Heating products typically have coal-fired boilers, gasoline boilers, electric heating equipment

5. Irrigation technique:

Such as pipe irrigation program, drip irrigation technique, sprinkler program, self-propelled sprinkler method, and many others., in accordance to the planting of various crops to decide on distinct irrigation techniques

6.Hydroponic technique

It is a new soilless plant tradition method, also acknowledged as nutrient remedy society. Its core is to straight infiltrate the root method of crops into nutrient solution. This nutrient remedy can change soil and offer h2o, vitamins, oxygen and other development elements for vegetation to grow usually


Organization Profile



Situated in ZheJiang Province
HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Greenhouse Horticulture Co.,Ltd has concentrated on greenhouse creating, manufacturing and building for above twelve a long time.

In the passing many years, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Grennhouse assists our buyers from China and overseas markets construct hundreds of different types of greenhouses for vegetable planting, flower planting and a lot of other utilizes.

Apart from the mainland marketplace, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Greenhouse is intense enough to prolong our overseas marketplaces.

Now we have tasks in many international countries such as Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan, Japan, North Korea, Turkmenistan, India, Malasyia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Australia, Kuwait,and many others. And we also show up at numerous exhibitions in Australia, United states, UAE, Uzbeksitan, Russia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and so on.


The greenhouse demonstration base built by ourselves:

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  1.Free of charge sample for you!
two.Customer request is offered!
3.Any concern,please feel free to speak to us.We can CZPT you,any of your remarks will get our prompt reply.We will do our very best to serve you
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We also provide distinct type of Welded pipe, seamless metal pipe,Galvanized pipe, Rectangular metal tube and galvanized square pipe,coil ,Angle steel and galvanized angle steel , Channel steel and galvanized steel channel,Metal Waling , Door type scaffolding , Iron wire and nail




Q: Are you Manufacturing facility or Trading Firm?
A: We are manufacturing unit, our primary goods include movie greenhouse,glass greenhouse,Pc board greenhouse.Arch variety greenhouse,Venlo type greenhouse,and many others.
Q: What is the Export Quantity of your business?
A: We have a 240000 tons export quantity for every 12 months in the past, with the expansion of the marketplaces, the Export Quantity is expanding continual.

Q: I need sample, could you support?
A: We can provide you with the sample for cost-free, but the shipping fees will be coated by our customers. For avoiding the misunderstanding, it is appreciated if you can give the International Specific Account for Freight Collect. Also you can have a visit to our factory, welcome to HangZhou.

Q: Do you have attended any exhibition?
A: At current, we have the booth in the Canton Fair every single year, we also have the plan to submit us in the Overseas Exhibition since 2014.



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China high quality Multi Span Po/PE Film Warmhouse/Glasshouse/Greenhouse for Uzbekistan Agriculture/Commercial/Sightseeing/Pepper/Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Cherry/Tomato/Growing     near me factory