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China supplier automatic cnc turning lathe equipment 3 axis

The major structural features of equipment instruments are:
one, this machine tool is a higher speed, higher precision, high dependability oblique mattress machine resource. The principal factors of the mattress, bed and headbox are forged with large toughness supplies to ensure the long-phrase steadiness of the machine device.
2. Adopting integral inclined mattress construction and high precision preload ZheJiang linear rolling guidebook, the device tool has high positioning precision, fluent chip elimination and is ideal for higher-pace and high-precision processing.
three. Large-pace, substantial-precision and rigid shell spindle device, servo spindle motor, can obtain increased spindle speed. The spindle unit is assembled in a continuous greenhouse. Following assembling, the spindle unit operates at continual temperature for seventy two several hours, and then operates for 72 hours to guarantee the dependability of high-speed and higher-precision functionality.
4, select the way of knife arrangement, change the pace of knife rapidly, and have substantial positioning precision.
5. The X/Z route servo motor is directly linked with the direct screw via the elastic CZPT with big torque and low inertia, and the help of the guide screw adopts the pre-stretching framework, which can get rid of the transmission backlash and pre-compensate the influence of thermal deformation on the precision in the course of the long-time period operation of the equipment instrument, so as to make certain the positioning precision and repetitive positioning precision the superior centralized automated lubrication device is adopted, timing and repetitive positioning accuracy are ensured Quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, secure and reliable perform.
6. Equipment instrument protection adopts full defense design and style, which is enjoyable, beautiful and exclusive, trustworthy in waterproof and anti-chip, and practical in maintenance.

Max swing over mattress mm φ360 φ460 φ560 φ660
Max swing above CZPT slide mm φ140 φ170 φ360 400
Distance among centers mm three hundred 350 500 600
Max turning size mm three hundred 350 five hundred 600
Screw specs X   2510 3210 3212 4571
Z   3210 3210 3212 4571
Spindle gap mm φ48 φ56 φ65 Φ85
Bar potential mm φ41 forty five φ50 Φ75
Spindle nose   A2-5 A2-6 A2-six A2-eight
Spindle speed rpm 4000 3500 3500 2800
Tailstock diameter mm φ65 φ70 φ74 φ100
Tailstock taper No MT4 MT5 MT5# MT5
Tailstock travel mm two hundred two hundred 250 500
Electric turret variety station eight 8 eight 8
motor torque X N.M 6 7.five ten ten
Z N.M six 7.5 10 ten
 X vacation mm 170 240 two hundred 280
Z vacation mm 350 400 560 600
Minimum environment device mm .01 .001 .001 .001
Main motor KW 3.7 five.5 7.5(servo) eleven
weight Kg 2200 2600 4000 4500
dimension mm 2150x1600x1750 2500x1700x1710 2950×1860×1850 3500x2000x2100

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China high quality China Supplier Automatic CNC Turning Lathe Machine 3 Axis     with high good quality