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Product Description

1. Eurostars Drinking water CZPT Packaged Air Conditioner/Air Conditioning Features
1) Undertake processed electrostatic powder coating of substantial-energy galvanized steel sheet, higher-overall performance anti-corrosion
 Or insulation material utilised PE or PU materials with exceptional insulation and seem-absorbing effect, non-absorbent and can properly prevent making chilly bridge
2) Undertake Solitary-stage capacitance asynchronous motor, can be third equipment speed to fulfill the different demands of air stream
three) Making use of slim-walled brass and the new fin, mechanical pipe up. Guarantee the brass close coordination between the fins, so as to ensure the coil has the very best feasible effect of warmth transfer, offer a trustworthy Protection for the efficient procedure of the unit.
4) Adopt efficient centrifugal blower, lower-sounds, secure and reputable efficiency fan and motor in conjunction with the drive shaft, bearing decide on large-precision imported high-top quality ball bearings, no need to have to make up oil.
five) 1st effect nylon internet filters or Plate variety non-woven material CZPT or washable Aluminum alloy mesh in the air into the Office

2.Eurostars H2o CZPT Packaged Air Conditioner/Air Conditioning Software
EUROSTARS unitary packaged air conditioners is employed for goal of air conditioning and air flow for retailers, banking companies, laboratories, computing facilities, hotels, etc. locations. Simply because of the package type air conditioner , it is provided ease of set up and routine maintenance. It has been the preferred device with the quiet and risk-free operation.

3.Eurostars Packaged Air Conditioning Technical Information and Image

Model ESSW- 03SC 05SC 08DC 10DC 12SC 15TC 20DC 25DC 30TC 36TC 40QC 50QC 60FC
Cooling Potential KW nine.two sixteen.two 25.4 32.four 38.7 forty eight.six sixty six.two 77.4 ninety nine.3 116.1 132.four 154.8 193.five
TR two.6 four.6 7.two nine.two eleven. 13.8 eighteen.eight 22. 28.2 33. forty four. fifty five.
Rated Air Movement mthree/h 1500 2500 4000 5100 6200 7800 15710 12600 15300 18000 20400 25500 30000
Exterior Static Strain Pa one hundred a hundred a hundred and fifty 150 150 one hundred fifty 200 250 three hundred 300 350 400 four hundred
Power Provide 380/four hundred/415V-3PH-50Hz
Operating Electrical power KW two.24 3.58 5.93 seven.36 nine.fifty one ten.89 fifteen.34 19.02 23.seventy one 28.03 31.seventy eight 39.54 51.05
Sound dB(A) ≤60 ≤62 ≤62 ≤65 ≤66 ≤67 ≤68 ≤70 ≤70 ≤73 ≤74 ≤76 ≤78

four. Eurostars Packaged Air Conditioning Product Range or Series
-Normal ground standing sort(offer air from aspect or offer air from top)
-Ceiling ducted sort(ceiling suspended ducted)
-Purified sort
-Consistent temperature and humidity variety(Precision air conditioner)
-Purified-continual temperature and humidity sort

five. Components- Packaged Air Conditioning
–It is painted galvanized sheet steel and has very solid skeleton. Skeleton can be opened easily with double-walled, glass wool insulation fitted caps. It is painted with Stained electrostatic powder in order to be guarded towards overseas influences and It has a decorative physical appearance.
–Base produced of very hot dip coating box iron, frame produced of anodized aluminum profiles, Paneling manufactured of double-layer
steel plate, sandwiched with polyurethane insulation.

R407C(R410A,R134A or R22) fuel hermetic scroll has compressors CZPT with a quite silent and protected working. It is used for 1 , 2 or much more compressors according to the potential benefit. There are inlet – outlet valves and crankcase heater on the compressor.

Direct expansion of copper pipe and aluminum fins, the surface area has a high heat transmission and to supply the required potential.

Peaceful and minimal-pace working with a galvanized physique and the rotor utilized in double inlet(DIDW) centrifugal belt-pulley-pushed fan. Supporter pressure can be modified .

Copper tubes are developed in aluminum fins. As a heater, hot h2o and steam can be utilized. In addition to battery electric resistance and heat-pump method also be chosen.

It is situated at the front or again. It is washable same as EU3-top quality variety and very easily demountable. It allows to give clean air surroundings. It is a unique CZPT methods for cleanse place apps.

Electrical panels are composed of factor contactors , thermals, vehicle fuses, switches, signal lamps and geared up with power and handle circuit. The manage program is with a common electronic thermostat. Optionally ,RS 485 modem, the microprocessor manage system can be selected with the building automation connectivity.

DRIER : Moisture in the refrigerant circuit is Humidity is taken by cooler.
SIGHT GLASS : Fluid can be observed from the pipe.(option)
Expansion VAVE : Sets the CZPT capacity of the evaporator

SOLENOID VAVE : Room thermostat admini ‘s notification system provides normal function by chopping off the path of refrigerant.
Reduced High Strain PROSESTAD : It makes certain that the suction and discharge pressures inside of specified limitations. Prostatic management is accessible for winter work.
DIFFERENTIAL Stress Swap : The warning lamps get on if the belts split or CZPT blockage(option)
FREEZE THERMOSTAT : It guards to compressor in opposition to low evaporation temperature of the program which might arise(selection)
four WAY SOLENOID VALVE : It is utilised for Warmth-Pump applications.
Automated Control Aspects : It is put as an choice.
With Temperature and humidity panels can be produced precision air-conditioning.

6.Why Select Us?
EUROSTARS Advantages: 
1) The Proof of Quality: Now we have customers in different countries and places, such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Middle- East, Africa…
two) The Guarantee of Quality: Reasonable design, Professional technicians, Stable production workers, Full-scale
 Equipments, Strict QA & QC system…
three) Custom-made Design: We supply our design drawing according to customer practical situation
four) Technique Support: 
 Walk in cold room: we supply our diagrammatic drawing, feel easier for installation.
 Cold storage warehouse: We have professional engineers who can go aboard to supply technology support and direction, until  turn key for our customers.
five)International Trade Operation: We have concentrated on international trade of cold storage room line for many years, accumulated various experience from different customers of different countries. So we can update our operation in time according to our customers and new rules. It is helpful to clear custom and save cost and time for our customers.

Q:What is packaged air conditioner?
A: A packaged air conditioner is a CZPT program that has all the parts lined within 1 unit. Similar to a central technique, the bundle technique also connects to ductwork to distribute the chilled air to each and every space in the property.

Q: What data do you need to have to give in buy to get a quotation?
A: Generally, we want to know following items:
–Cooling Ability in KW or RT or Btu
–Air CZPT method or drinking water CZPT mode
– -Neighborhood ambient temperature circumstances
–If there are temperature and humidity demands??
–If there is filer course needs??
–Electrical power offer, this kind of as 380V-3Phase-50HZ or 440V-3Phase-60HZ or others.
–Refrigerant:R22,R407C,R410A or R134A
If can not give total responses for earlier mentioned objects, we can guidebook you through e-mail.

eight.Consumer Check out Us

9.Packaged Air Conditioning Shipping and delivery or Container Loading

ten.Set up Instruction ,Installation Diagram or Installation Photo, Project Photographs

–Check design documents connected with installation and go through the installation and servicing manual in entire
–Check out if the shipped CZPT is compliant with design demands
–Check no matter whether all accessories are total for field installation.
two)Constrained issues
–The merchandise need to not be installed out of doors.
–The merchandise ought to not be straight installed in an workplace area where the noise is strictly controlled sound-evidence steps must be taken.
–The AC must not be exposed beneath direct sunlight, or put in a moist, corrosive, and explosive setting.
–The AC ought to be mounted in a ventilated environment, to shield its performance and normal running.
–If the merchandise or CZPT tower is mounted in minimal temperature environment, the business shall not be liable for any antifreeze defense.
3)Installation Location
–Examine regardless of whether sufficient room is reserved for merchandise routine maintenance is enough or not, please contact associated engineers for discussion when difficulty is identified.
–The product need to be put in on concrete basis that can bear the solution running weight, verify and insure –The item foundation with ample power, rigidity, levelness and steadiness, can not be sinking or deflecting.
Remember to very carefully examine if the actual size of the solution is matched with the reserved foot gap dimension on basis.

4)H2o and electrical power offer
–The installation place of solution must be supplied with drinking water resource obtainable for working specifications.
When the solution is provided with industrial h2o or effectively water, river h2o and other water sources, which is made up of a lot of HCO3-, HSO4- and other acidic salt, and might trigger condenser and pipes scaling, and have an effect on the CZPT results in the course of severely managing, the drinking water technique should be designed as a circulatory technique, and the h2o ought to be softened. The subsequent water high quality characteristics are relevant to the condenser hereto (Table ):

Unit Water circulating good quality Supplementary h2o top quality normal
Standard values Trend
Corrosion Scaling
PH (25 ºC)   six.5~8. + + 6.~8.
Electrical conductivity (25 ºC) μS/cm <800 + + <200
Chloride ion Cl- mg/L <200 +   <50
Sulfate ions SO42- mg/L <200 +   <50
Acid intake (PH4.8) mg/L <100   + <50
Entire hardness (CaCO3) mg/L <200   + <50
Complete iron (Fe) mg/L <1.0 + + <0.3
Sulfide ion S2- mg/L Undetectable +   Undetectable
Ammonium ion NH4 + mg/L <1.0 +   <0.2
Silicon dioxide SiO2 mg/L <50   + <30

Note: in the desk, “+” signifies that more than-normal values may outcome in corrosion and scaling.
–The installation web site must be supply with electricity that satisfies the demands on operation

Apart from above information, end users can refer our handbook for a lot more details, these kinds of as set up measures, commissioning and operating, maintenance.


An AC motor is a sort of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a current that periodically reverses route and alterations its magnitude of the present more than time. This present is the reverse of a immediate present or “DC” which flows in only one particular course. AC motors can provide a reasonably effective way to generate mechanical energy from a basic electrical input signal.
AC motors differ from several other varieties of motors, especially some of the more acquainted DC (direct recent) motors, by numerous critical criteria. The most basic of these is the simple fact that an AC motor relies fully on the alternating current about its circuit to create successful mechanical energy. We are going to talk about this unique approach in a lot more depth in the adhering to sections of this manual.

China Good quality Greenhouse Water Cooled Packaged Air Conditioner     with Good quality