China factory Yake Greenhouse Air Industrial Humidifier with 3kg/H wholesaler

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YAKE greenhouse air industrial humidifier with 3kg/h

Attribute :

one. Adopting integrated mist module inside: the chip is replaceable and the machine is easy to maintain.

2. Boasting high humidification efficiency: diameter of fog output is only1-10u. Maximum relative humidity reaches 99%.

3. Adopting waterproof fan & waterproof transformers to prevent short circuits.

four. Intelligent control, accurate humidity control: humidity control system,the range of humidity control is 1%RH~90%RH.

5. Timing humidification: customers can control the humidifier turned on or off according to the time  needed.

6. Pure water bucket connectable: customer can use the pure water bucket to solve the troubles of   connecting a water pipe.

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HangZhou Ruiya Electrical Appliance Co,ltd,the expert in air management in China.It is 1 of top expert manufacturing facility for sorts of dehumidifiers,humidifiers,transportable air conditioners,refreshing air gadgets,and other custom-made CZPT units/AHU.

Given that institution in 2571,we have been devoting to R&D air managing products,aiming to make the very best dehumidifiers&humidifiers and supply better solutions that CZPT customer’s expectations

In simple fact,we is a lot more 10years production expertise,and more 8years exporting expertise,have very good track record in the CZPT discipline,willing to maintain working difficult to supply the healthy air and happy support for buyers.

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Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture ?
A: As one of the oldest manufactures of dehumidifiers and humidifiers, we are now taking the leading position of cooling industry in mainland China. We have 100 employees with more than 15 engineers and 4 production lines.
Q: Do you accept OEM ?
A: Yes, we can accept OEM, and we have the professional designer to help you design your logo
Q: Do you accept ODM?
A: We welcome ODM, we have professional engineers team to help you with the design of the dehumidifiers and to provide you the professional suggestion with the dehumidifiers you want.
Q: Can I buy a sample for testing?
A: Yes, we can supply you with a sample. for most of the models, we have them in stock. we can supply you with the sample within 2 days after we get your payment.
Q: Can I visit your factory?
A: We warmly welcome you come to visit us.


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China factory Yake Greenhouse Air Industrial Humidifier with 3kg/H     wholesaler