China factory Three Layer Co-Extrusion Greenhouse PE Film Blowing Machine with Good quality

Solution Description

This equipment is applied to manufacturing printed or uncolored T-shirt luggage manufactured of HDPE, LDPE roll movie. It adopts double stepping (servo) motor fixed size, and the feeding, sealing, reducing, punching holes and transporting are finished only in 1 procedure. It is of large diploma of automation and excellent economic results.

Three-layer plastic coextrusion blow molding CZPT movie units are designed by us according to the marketplace specifications. In the design structure, innovative ranges of similar goods at property and aboard are absorbed. They are applicable to LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE and PA packaging movies. Such movies can be widely employed in light and heavy offers such as various kinds of refreshing fruit, meat wares, pickles, fresh milk and liquid drinks simply because they are quite capable to give limitations, preserve moisture, and resist moist, rain, wind, frosting and oil, and isolate oxygen.


Merchandise Description

Major specialized parameters:

Model QS-GS1000 QS-GS1200 QS-GS1500
Diameter of screw 55×2 60×1 60×2 65×1 65×2 70×1
Length-diameter ratio 28:1/30:1 28:1/thirty:one 28:1/30:1
Velocity of screw 15-150r/min fifteen-150r/min 15-150r/min
Power of major motor 15Kw×2 eighteen.5Kw×1 18.5Kw×2 22Kw×1 22Kw×2 30Kw×1
Output of a one extruder 50kg/h 80kg/h 100kg/h
Specification of die orifice one hundred fifty φ200 200 φ250×1 250 300×1
Movie thickness .01-.10mm .01-.10mm 0.01-.10mm
Max. lay-flat width of movie 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Whole ability of electrical equipment 76Kw 88Kw 102Kw
All round dimensions: 6600×4100×5000mm 6800×4300×6000mm 7000×4800×7500mm
Device bodyweight 4T 5T 6T

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China factory Three Layer Co-Extrusion Greenhouse PE Film Blowing Machine     with Good quality