China Best Sales Non Woven Middle Speed Needle Punching Machine for Non Woven Felt Greenhouse Quilt near me factory

Solution Description


Non Woven Middle Velocity Needle Punching Machine for Non Woven Felt Greenhouse Quilt


Characteristic of Center Speed Nonwoven Needle Punching Device

Needle punching device can be fleeciness fiber, cotton to comb cotton, unfold nets,

acupuncture, strengthening turn into needle-punched cotton, insulating felt, raw supplies of

greenhouse, shoes mattresses, couch cushion, automobile seat rug, chemical product and distinct

specification solution.

Major Technological information of Middle Pace Nonwoven Needle Punching Equipment
1        Model                                         GMZ-
2      Bodyweight About                               7-12t
3       Total power                               22kw
4        Primary motor                  15KW 3 phase AC energy 50Hz/
5        Solution density             100g/m2-900g/m2    (depend on the raw substance type                                                also product     requirements and No of models)
6             RPM                                 100–seven-hundred
7          Protection                              Main motor overload safety
8         The handle mode             Constant power & Inverter control
9          Operating width              2200–5200mm / adjustable / minimize at mid
10          Needle plate                       Galvanized- faced
11        Needle density                     5000–7000n/m
12        Variety of holes                    Diameter 1.83mm/An inverted cone

                  Middle Speed Nonwoven Needle Punching Equipment

                             Products ( non woven felt)

                                        Needle Board

                           Whole manufacturing line of Nonwoven Cloth

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China Best Sales Non Woven Middle Speed Needle Punching Machine for Non Woven Felt Greenhouse Quilt     near me factory