China Best Sales China Roof Automatic DC24V Smart Home Electric Chain Window Opener with Best Sales

Solution Description

China roof automated DC24V sensible house electric powered chain window opener 

Product Description

Specification Parameters


Thrust and pull 400N Locking Power 2000N
The speed of motion ten-15mm/s Stroke distance 100-1000mm(Can be personalized)
Lifetime more than 30000 occasions Rated voltage DC 24V
Rated existing one.2A Rated power 28.eight
Window width .5-1.5m Safety class IP32

Dimension Drawing

Design KC-LT-300 KC-LT-400 KC-LT-500
Stroke distance(mm) 300 400 500
Dimension(mm) 410 460 510
Design KC-LT-600 KC-LT-800 KC-LT-a thousand
Stroke distance(mm) 600 800 a thousand
Dimension(mm) 650 660 760

Merchandise Specifics

Clever safety, high-top quality supplies, Stroke length can be custom-made according to consumer needs.lower installation area specifications, When closed, the chain is hidden in the window opener.

Compact dimensions, gorgeous appearance.Housing is made of aluminum alloy.

Chain is created of Carbon metal content,also stainless metal can be customized,suited for extended-term humid surroundings.

Smart Application/WIFI/Bluetooth/Remote control etc.
Avariety of opening strategies to fulfill diffierent instances,whether or not you are at residence or outside,you can simply operator the windows with 1 button.


Our Benefits

Product Attribute

1.Smart protection, substantial-top quality resources, Stroke distance can be customized according to buyer demands.
2.Large high quality design and style daily life load open and close above 30000 occasions,low sounds when turned on.The locking power is 2000N, which is protected and trustworthy.
3.twelve installation methods, suited for a variety of window installations
four.Remote control (indoor up to 50m or far more), guide button, personal computer centralized management, cell phone remote, automatically open or close option or numerous windows.
five.Growth of sensible products such as human physique sensors, wind and rain sensors, smoke alarms, thermostats, timers, and so on.
6.Stroke length can be custom-made according to consumer wants.

Installation Instructions

Installation and software

1.Our automated window opener is suited for the all the above window varieties.
2.The automatic window opener should not be installed outdoors in which would get wed in the rain.

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Company Profile


Q:  What is the least quantity ?
No MOQ,We can offer even 1PCS.

Q:  How lengthy is the shipping time?
ten to 30days,rely on your purchase quantity.

Q:  Can you ship samples before spot the order ?
Yes,sure.we can give samples for good quality examining.

Q:  Do you offer OEM provider?
Indeed,we do.

Q:  How about the payment conditions ?
T/T,D/P,L/C,Paypal,Western union and income all satisfactory.

Q:  How about your top quality guarantee?
When the merchandise acquired dilemma in the course of our guarantee period,we will provide.


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China Best Sales China Roof Automatic DC24V Smart Home Electric Chain Window Opener     with Best Sales