China best Factory Greenhouse Hanging Circulation Fan with high quality

Product Description

                                DJF(g) Collection Air Circulation Fan  




   Technical Parameter:

Blades Diameter Rotational Speed  Air Circulation
Enter Electrical power
Define Size
(H*W*T) (mm)
DJF(g)-four hundred 400mm 1400rpm 5300 one hundred twenty 220 / 380/ Tailored   50 / 60 460*460*350mm
DJF(g)-500 500mm 1400rpm 6300 1120 560*560*350mm

Solution Description:


Cone and Shutter

one.Sensible Cone layout for even bigger exhaust energy, Large airflow and constant air output
2.Aluminum alloy shutters for gentle bodyweight and attractiveness.



 Hot Galvanized sheet with zinc thickness of 275g/sqm, avoiding rust successfully.

Rubber Sealing

Rubber sealing gadget is outfitted for the double doorway near to avoid the air backflow. Drastically improved the running effectiveness compared with the very same electricity enthusiast



Imported double-row bearing with particular watertight layout.

Substantial energy, reduced noise, totally free upkeep and lengthy support daily life.


Blade Help Foundation

one.Materials: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy.
2. Sort: Plug-in connection

Assess with the traditional welding connection , Our new kind Aluminum magnesium alloy base has greatly lowered the friction coefficient, fixed a lot more firmly, avoided 

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ZheJiang CZPT HangZhou Equipment Co.,Ltd is the most significant and the most professional company of air flow equipment in
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China best Factory Greenhouse Hanging Circulation Fan     with high quality