China best Automatic Self Cleaning Hydraulic CZPT for Greenhouse and Farm wholesaler

Product Description

Merchandise structure

1:Drinking water inlet
3:Automated drain valve
4: Hydraulic piston
5:Suction nozzle
7:Water outlet
eight:Hydraulic motor

Product basic principle
The water flows through the display and the particles are retained on the inside of of the display of the CZPT element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet.
Self-cleansing manner can be commenced by pressing, timing or manual 3 techniques, adhering to the theory of pressure difference.
When the inner and external force distinction reaches the established price,  the self-cleaning manner begins.Drain pipe hydraulic valve open, sucking the scanner to produce adverse pressure suction nozzle inside of, absorbing impurities, at the identical time sucking scanner in under hydraulic motor together the inside surface mesh do reciprocating screw, motion, no cleaning blind spot, impurities by the discharge outlet.
The cleansing time of self-cleansing CZPT is set by the controller in progress, the drain valve is closed following cleaning, and small drinking water decline in cleaning approach.

Complex parameters
A one highest stream potential is up to 4000m3 / h
Extensive CZPT assortment:screens from 4000 to twenty microns
Functioning strain(min)≥0.18Mpa
Working force(max)≤1.6MPa(tailored is accessible)
Doing work temperature ≤65ºC
Electricity offer: 220 v / 50 Hz (Tailored is availabel)
Cleansing approach: suction
Adjustable cleaning time: ten-200 seconds

Filter content
Shell: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Display screen: 304 stainless metal, 316L stainless metal
Drain valve, forged iron,copper,stainless metal,PVC,nylon
Controller: PVC, aluminum
Seal ring: EPDM rubber
Suction: stainless metal, PVC
Decline of force desk

DLAF200 collection self-cleansing CZPT specification table


Water in/outlet 


DLAF202S 50 273 217 a hundred and fifty 855 1110 20
DLAF203S 80 273 217 a hundred and fifty 855 1110 fifty
DLAF204 100 273 237 one hundred fifty 855 1110 80
DLAF204S one hundred 273 237 four hundred 1105 1510 100
DLAF206 a hundred and fifty 273 257 450 1255 1760 a hundred thirty
DLAF208 200 325 283 560 1425 2100 two hundred


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China best Automatic Self Cleaning Hydraulic CZPT for Greenhouse and Farm     wholesaler