CH886-1000 6 Color Paper Cup Roll Paper Flexographic Printing Machine

CH886-1000 6 Color Paper Cup  Roll Paper Flexographic Printing Machine

CH886~571-8822571/8822 0571 00 six color Paper cup/roll paper Flexographic Printing Machine 


Unwinding Device  & Rewinding Unit:

1st kind: car loader for unwind,  by handbook for rewind unit.


2rd variety: car loader for unwind,  auto unloader for rewind device.

Printing Unit:  high speed ” thirty-120m/min”

ceramic anilox roller, chamber medical doctor blade

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Model CJ884-a thousand
Machine Colors four Colors
Max. printing material width 105 0mm
Max. printing width ninety six 0mm
Printing material paper: 30~300g/m2, can wind 1 ton of massive roll paper
Printing length(repeat) 7.5″~40″(190mm~1000mm) /7.5″~50″(190mm~1270mm)
Max. Mechanical speed 150m/min
Max. Printing speed 30-twelve 0m/min
Register precision Longitude:±0.2 mm   Transverse:±0.two mm
Press power Mechanic control
CZPT motor power 3.7kw, ZheJiang
Machine power forty five kw
Outline size 5.four m×2.4 m× two.6 m
Electricity: 440V/380V/220V, 50/60Hz
Rewind/Unwind DIA Φ 1400mm
Unwind way Car loader for unwind, 
By air shaft , with 5kg magnetic  1  pcs
EPC system:  Edge Position Controller for unwind 1 P cs
Tension system  A utomatic tension control for unwind  one PCS 
Unwinding loading way By air shaft ,  one  pcs  
Unwind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Printing plate lifting system Automatic CZPT cylinder control printing roll up and down 
Anilox roll  amd Inking way High speed machine: ceramic anilox roller ( one 00- 10 00lpi), C hamber  doctor blade for 30-150m/min
Inking motor deceleration motor, 60w
Drying model CZPT heating 
Drying power twenty  kw
Air blower (large) .95kw /  four  pcs
Air blower (little) 75w /  15  pcs
Rewind way Floor  rewind , 
By air shaft ,  1  pcs
Tension system Tension float roller for rewind  1 PCS 
R ewinding unloading way By air shaft ,  1  pcs
Rewind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Rewind material unload way By Automatic

CH886-1000 6 Color Paper Cup  Roll Paper Flexographic Printing Machine