12V Electric Screwdriver DC Motor for RF360

12V Electric Screwdriver DC Motor for RF360

Brushless dc motor and brushless motor has variation, in fact really easy, has a brush 12V Dc Motor equipped with typically employed brush and commutator. Have a commutation of brushless dc motor has been by means of the graphite (both carbon block is also called the carbon brush) or precious steel brushes and mounted on the rotor commutator ring to make get in touch with, the motor running, the longer the for a longer time brush friction thinning of the brush will sooner or later rupture, the motor operate out of life, and the commutator also hair black, want to substitute the motor.
Even though by corridor sensor brushless motor rotor situation feedback management circuit, back to know the exact time of the motor period commutation. Most of the brushless motor companies manufacturing positioning with a few corridor influence sensors. Since of brushless motor CZPT brush, so also does not have related interface, as a result more cleanse, significantly less sound, no abrasion, use and tear is small, in reality, no routine maintenance, more time daily life. But at the same time the value of the brushless motor is 10 instances the dimensions of Dc Motor 12V, typical micro brushless motor price tag need to have to much more than 30 yuan, and common miniature have 12 Volt Dc Motor price is about in three yuan of previously mentioned.In comparison with brush motor has far better efficiency and wider application market.


RF360 DC Motor With a carbon brush, brush dc motor steel brush, commutator impression:


12V electric powered screwdriver DC motor for RF360 Item Description:

Parameters in a specific variety can be CZPT according to customer’s desire

RF360 DC motor Voltage range: one.5~12 V    (eg:1.5V 3V four.5V 6V 12v)

12v dc motor Pace range: 5000~25000 RPM

electric screwdriver motor All round dimensions:27.seven x 32.6mm


The following is a single of the parameters:

Our engineering section can provide unique styles for different shaft size .

motor inside construction:

Company creation workshop:

We will examination each motor, to make sure that clients get certified motor. Mechanization of production to comprehend entire-automatic, even more increase the manufacturing efficiency and stable item top quality.

We have twenty several years of experience in style study and improvement,Products in rigorous accordance with the regular creation in Japan, “the good quality 1st, buyer supreme” is our management plan.

As extended as you put CZPT demand from customers, we can recommend ideal motor products for you, welcome to consult!

12V Electric Screwdriver DC Motor for RF360